I was talking with one of my friends yesterday, and we stumbled onto an interesting topic. Here in Salt Lake City Utah, The over all music scene has somewhat diminished to a dull and dreary shadow. It wasn’t always this way, no indeed. In fact, As a child I can remember there being live music at a block party almost every month! People would always ask “I wonder who’s playing down at the amphitheater, let’s go check it out!” These days, from what I’ve seen people usually sit around playing video games, sitting on Facebook, and on a good night— going out to see a movie (if there’s a block buster out). I see venues that were once thriving going out of business because they can’t even make enough money to break even in one night! What has happened to our culture? The social aspects of our community have all but faded away. I personally believe it’s because of the media. If you want to know something, you can have all the information you need within seconds via internet, text messaging, and television. If you want to see a band live, you go on Youtube and look up a video. Most people are content to sit in their room and watch someone on a box.

Is Utah the only community that is feeling these effects, or is this a nation wide dilemma?  I’ve been to other states and I personally enjoyed the music scene much more than I do here. How is your community holding up in terms of music? Am I alone when I talk about these things? I’d really like to get some input from other musicians, or even people who enjoy live music.


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