Life update 3/7/2012

I’ve been busy busy busy and boy do I have some stuff to say! I’ll start with the small stuff. I started a death metal band 2 years ago called “Psykosylum” and I finally decided to do something with it! So for all you metal heads out there I hope you let your hair grow out. If anyone is interested in that, I’ll leave a link below. Next up, I’ve finished a few different pieces and added them to my gallery, the one below is my favorite. On another note, I’ve really been antsy to start filming again, especially making music videos. If there is a band in my area that is interested in being used as a guinea pig, let me know! Finally, I’ve been collaborating with a few different artists, and I’m going to form a super squad elite team of the arts! The name of this design team is “Fame is Lost”, and that website should be up and running this season. The mission of this website is similar to my own, in that we are totally dedicated to helping musicians achieve quality design without breaking their bank. The artists I’ll hopefully be  working with are Sarah Farr, Ashley Jessop, and James Debry. They’re all extremely talented artists, and I can’t wait to start this project. So that’s what’s up with me, and I hope you’re all having a fantastic spring! I know I’m not!





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