Fame is Lost

Alright, so a large scale project is now underway; I’ve been collaborating with artists, media engineers, and musicians. Some of these names include Tayson Turner, Sarah Farr, Ashley Jessop, and James Debry. All of these individuals are well versed in their own respective trade, and you may recognize a few of them. The name of this project is “Fame is Lost”.  I have a few other people in mind for this, but I’ve yet to approach them….so I’ll be making updates should they arise. Now then, I’ll explain the purpose of this project.

Fame is Lost Will be acting as an agency, or tool much similar to how a record label operates. We’ll be seeking out talented bands and musicians who have the “spark” it takes to make it in the music business. We’ll offer design production, tour booking, managing, financial advice, networking, advertisement, merchandise, and distribution. This is NOT a venture to prey upon misguided bands for profit. In fact, there are talks about certain services being free. This project is still in it’s Alpha phase, but it is definitely moving along at a very fast pace, and if anyone is interested in becoming a part of this project in any way, I would love to hear from you.




Today’s random band is “Malefice”. I find this song title to be appropriate for today’s post.

“Awaken the Tides”


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