Winter update

Hey everyone. Hope you’ve all been having a great beginning of 2013, I know I have. So far I’ve been holding onto my resolutions to be more creative (hopefully) and try things that I’m not very comfortable with, and so far so good! You may have noticed the website changing slightly ever so often, as I’m fiddling with the content and how you get to it, so bare with me. I’ve been able to get a few various drawings and paintings done, so I thought I’d share them with you. The first is a painting for a League of Legends character named “Teemo” showing off a “Ghostly” skin idea I had for him. It was lots of fun to paint! Along with that is some Sci-fi drawing, which was also pretty fun. I’ve got a few more ideas coming out in the next bit, should be exciting!

Ghostly Teemoorigin 2


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