How much for you to design something for me?
 Each project is unique, therefore I have no set prices. That being said, I am happy to give you a quote once I have all the details of your idea.

What is a normal turn around time for my project? Most projects take about a week to complete, though this can change. I can send drafts as per your request during the process at any time. Remember that anything rushed will probably end up……well looking rushed! Please do not contact me expecting results immediately.

 Is your work guaranteed? Upon submitting my work to you for your final approval, if you are unsatisfied you may request a revision of the project. Additional revisions will cost you a small fee, so please use my portfolio as an example to weigh the quality of my work before starting a project.

I already have art, but I want it to be put into a template, album layout, etc. can you do that? Absolutely. I can take any art and make it fit into a custom template or layout. Contact me for details.

 How do I pay for my project? I accept payment using paypal. I do this for both security and stability on both yours and my end.

How do you create your art? Everything I create is hand rendered, with the use of a tablet.

What can you design for me?  Anything that’s creative and exciting, whether it be design or print based. This includes (but is not limited to) Album layouts, CD art,  Logos, T shirt designs, Illustrations, Web sites, Photography, Photo editing, and just about anything else.